Saturday, June 30, 2012

*Apocalypse the Rise of Hitler National Geographic Documentary New Good Links 30-July*

Infamous for his crimes against humanity, Hitler's rise to power was unexpected and devastating. But how could a political party so intolerant gain so much power under one man? Using historical newly colourised and impactful footage, Apocalypse: The Rise of Hitler is a two-part documentary which takes a remarkable look into the Nazis' ascent, exploring Hitler's path from mediocre student and failed artist to totalitarian dictator.
Part 1: Becoming Hitler - Documentary charting the dictator's rise to power, from his beginnings as a struggling artist in Vienna to his eventual demise in Berlin. The first episode focuses on Hitler's formative years and how, when he returned home from the First World War, his nationalistic diatribes were largely ignored by the public, until the 1929 economic crisis put him and his ideas in the spotlight.
Part 2: The Fuehrer - With Germany on the verge of collapse, Hitler becomes chancellor in 1933 and sets out to ensure the Nazi party's members dominate every aspect of society. One year later, he is proclaimed Fuehrer, beginning an ideological and military programme that eventually lead to the invasion of Poland and the start of the Second World War.

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