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The Queen with Helen Mirren * New Good Links 30-July*

The Queen starring Helen Mirren focuses on the differing views in how to deal with the death of Diana. The Royal Family, while on their summer residence at Balmoral Castle, sees her death as a private affair, not to be treated as an official Royal death, in contrast with newly-elected Prime Minister Tony Blair and Diana's ex-husband Prince Charles, who attempt to reflect the public wish for an official expression of grief. Matters are further complicated by the media, royal protocol regarding Diana's official status, and wider issues about republicanism. The views of Diana's sons throughout the film are only portrayed through other characters.

Terror Robespierre and the French Revolution * New Good Links 30-July*

The watchwords of the French Revolution were liberty, equality and fraternity. Maximilien Robespierre believed in them passionately. He was an idealist and a lover of humanity. But during the 365 days that Robespierre sat on the Committee of Public Safety, the French Republic descended into a bloodbath. 'The Terror' only came to end when Robespierre himself was devoured by the repressive machinery he had created. This drama-documentary tells the story of the Terror and looks at how Robespierre's revolutionary idealism quickly became an excuse for tyranny, and why a lover of liberty was so keen to use the guillotine. Simon Schama and Slavoj Zizek are among the contributors.

The Roman Invasion of Britain - Host Bettany Hughes * New Good Links 30-July*

For several centuries, immediately after the time of Christ, the people of Britain found themselves if not the slaves then certainly the servants of one of the mightiest empires the world has ever seen - the empire of Rome. In this three-part series every phase in the long history of Roman Britain will be looked at. We will chart the way in which the Roman conquerors interacted with the native inhabitants of the land they called ‘Britannia’ and find out who gained most from the Roman occupation - us or them?

Queen of Sheba : Behind the Myth *New Good Links 30-July*

Queen Of Sheba: Behind The Myth follows the work of archaeologists as they piece together newly discovered evidence in the remote desert of Yemen to recreate the dramatic life of one of the most powerful woman of the Biblical era – consort of King Solomon and founder of the great Ethiopian dynasty that would harbor the Ark Of The Covenant. The Queen of Sheba is one of the most alluring names in history, synonymous with the exotic and erotic, but until now her real story has remained elusive. Who was she? Did she have a child by King Solomon of Israel? And how did her nation grow so powerful, only to vanish beneath the sands of time? Produced to accompany a major British Museum exhibition, the film gained exclusive access to the excavation of the Queen of Sheba’s temple in the arid heartland of Yemen, to unveil the enigmatic riddle of this mysterious queen

Prince Albert Revealed Series *New Good Links 30-July*

*Apocalypse the Rise of Hitler National Geographic Documentary New Good Links 30-July*

Infamous for his crimes against humanity, Hitler's rise to power was unexpected and devastating. But how could a political party so intolerant gain so much power under one man? Using historical newly colourised and impactful footage, Apocalypse: The Rise of Hitler is a two-part documentary which takes a remarkable look into the Nazis' ascent, exploring Hitler's path from mediocre student and failed artist to totalitarian dictator.
Part 1: Becoming Hitler - Documentary charting the dictator's rise to power, from his beginnings as a struggling artist in Vienna to his eventual demise in Berlin. The first episode focuses on Hitler's formative years and how, when he returned home from the First World War, his nationalistic diatribes were largely ignored by the public, until the 1929 economic crisis put him and his ideas in the spotlight.
Part 2: The Fuehrer - With Germany on the verge of collapse, Hitler becomes chancellor in 1933 and sets out to ensure the Nazi party's members dominate every aspect of society. One year later, he is proclaimed Fuehrer, beginning an ideological and military programme that eventually lead to the invasion of Poland and the start of the Second World War.

Ten Days That Made the Queen *New Good Links 30-July*

From the abdication of Edward VIII in 1936 to the death of Princess Diana, from the Suez crisis of 1956 to the murder of Lord Mountbatten, and concluding with the marriage of Charles and Camilla in 2005, this film analyses 10 defining moments when the Queen's judgement, beliefs and perhaps even her identity were tested to the limit. Not days of pageantry or stuffy celebration, but events reflecting the complex, demanding politics of monarchy. Featuring archive footage and eyewitness accounts, Ten Days That Made the Queen also includes interviews with Countess Mountbatten of Burma, Lady Pamela Hicks, Sir Roy Strong, Douglas Hurd, Lord Stockton, Jilly Cooper and Andrew Roberts.

Abdication A Very British Coup *New Good Links 30-July*

Documentary which sheds new light on the greatest crisis to rock the British monarchy in centuries - the abdication of King Edward VIII. Usually, it has been presented as the only possible solution to his dilemma of having to choose between the throne and the woman he loved. Using secret documents and contemporary diaries and letters, this film shows a popular monarch whose modern ideas so unsettled the establishment that his love for Wallis Simpson became the perfect excuse to bounce him off the throne.

Britains Boy Soldiers *New Good Links 30-July*

Ninety years ago, Britain's teenage boys volunteered en masse to fight for their King and country. Such was their will to fight that a number of enthusiastic boys joined-up below the legal age to enlist. Now, new research reveals that these boy soldiers were not just a passionate handful but a significant proportion of Britain's army. Additionally, the government has been found to have deliberately turned a blind eye to their enlistment.

At the outbreak of war, the minimum age for volunteers was 18, and soldiers had to be 19 before they could serve overseas. However, new research in the War Graves Commission records has shown that among the ranks of the British army were as many as 250,000 underage boys, some as young as 14, who had lied about their age in order to enlist. Desperate for manpower, the government ignored such irregularities, tacitly colluding in the decision to allow children to go to war. Using interviews recorded with a number of the longest-surviving boy soldiers, this moving documentary examines why so many were allowed to join up and fight, and what happened to just a handful of them.

Star Wars Tech * New Good Links 30-July*

Lightsabers and Death Stars...pirate spaceships and bio-mechanical bad guys...the stuff of fictional galaxies far, far away, right? Well, not so fast. Many of the concepts introduced in the Star Wars saga can actually be examined scientifically, allowing us to separate the fact from fiction. Star Wars Tech, a new one-hour DVD documentary that is a StarWarsShop exclusive, offers a fast-paced, informative, fun trip through the galaxy that answers our most pointed questions about the practical science of the Star Wars universe:

The Hunt for Bin Laden *New Good Links 30-July*

ITV’s documentary The Hunt for Bin Laden exposes the inside story of the most intensive manhunt in US history. This two-hour special marks the first anniversary of the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden and chronicles the chase for America’s most-wanted man – which spanned decades, sparked wars, and defined presidencies. It highlights a string of grave mistakes and missed opportunities, characterising successive US administrations’ attitudes towards tackling the threat of Bin Laden and al Qaeda. Packed with exclusive interviews with military leaders, CIA chiefs, FBI agents and White House insiders from three presidential terms, this Brook Lapping production vividly tells the story of a 20-year cat and mouse game to bring the world’s most notorious terrorist to justice. Their accounts highlight how the new type of enemy Bin Laden represented provoked confusion within the US leadership about how he could be dealt with - as a criminal to be brought to justice, or a mortal foe to be destroyed by any means including military action - and expose critical structural and legal barriers prior to 9/11 that prevented the country’s intelligence agencies from working together effectively to capture their target.

In Search of Shakespeare *New Good Links 30-July*

In Search of Shakespeare  is a four-part series exploring the life of the world's greatest and most famous writer. Surprisingly, it is the first time that a full-scale life of William Shakespeare has been attempted on TV. The film is set the life of the poet in the turbulent times in which he lived. In Episode One, we are introduced to the dark side of Queen Elizabeth's police state – in a time of surveillance, militarism and foreign wars. Shakespeare lived through the Spanish Armada, the Gunpowder Plot, the colonization of the New World and the beginnings of British power in America. But most important, he also saw at first hand England's Cultural Revolution; an enforced split with the old medieval English spirit world which was to lead the English people into a brave new Protestant future.

PBS Empires - Complete Series *New Good Links 30-July*

Within the history of civilization are great eras of struggle, triumph, and loss. These periods are reflective of the best and worst of humanity. Empires is a ground breaking series of historical films which present the people and passions that have changed the world.

The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization
Queen Victoria's Empire
The Roman Empire in the First Century        
Egypt's Golden Empire
Peter & Paul and the Christian Revolution
Martin Luther
Japan: Memoirs of a Secret Empire
The Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance
Kingdom of David: Saga of the Israelites
Holy Warriors: Lionheart and Saladin

Britain's Nazi King *New Good Links 30-July*

Edward VIII is popularly remembered as the king who gave up the throne for the woman he loved. Yet his reputation has been tarnished by revelations that Hitler planned to install him as a pro-Nazi king in the event of a German occupation of Britain. Newly released FBI files reveal the extent to which Edward was distrusted by the British and US governments, and the risk he posed to the war effort

The Hiding Place - The Life Of Corrie Ten Boom *New Good Links 30-July*

The Hiding Place stars Julie Harris, Eileen Heckart, Arthur O'Connell, and Jeannette Clift in her Golden Globe nominated role as Corrie ten Boom. With the Nazi invasion of Holland, the ten Boom family joins the underground resistance to help save persecuted Jewish families. But when they are arrested and imprisoned in concentration camps themselves, they're left with nothing to cling to but their faith.

UFO Files

The program covered the phenomena of unidentified flying and submerged objects, close encounters with alleged extraterrestrial life, and alleged military and government cover-up conspiracies.

Season 1
Episode 1: UFO Hot Spots 352MB - For those who study the UFO phenomenon, "UFO Hot Spots" are places around the globe known for a long history of UFO sightings and reports. From Brazil to Mexico, from Washington State to Florida, multiple witnesses, including air traffic controllers and even military personnel, confirm that something unexplained is repeatedly happening in the night sky. Tales of alien abductions, bizarre and chilling photographs of UFOs, and hours of videotape all abound as we search for UFO Hot Spots.

1066: Battle for Middle Earth *New Good Links 30-July*

1066 - The Battle For Middle Earth
Docudrama showing the basis for Lord of the Rings medieval vocabulary

The untold story of the Norman Conquest, 1066 sheds new light on one of British history's darkest events, not through the eyes of Kings and Conquerors but from behind the shield wall, through the eyes of the ordinary villagers caught up in the chaos.  Combining full-throttle battle action, compelling performances and epic cinematography, 1066 is an epic adventure of invasion, resistance and war that tells the story of ordinary men and their families across three tribes - the English, the Normans, and the Vikings.

Episode 1
Crowhurst newlywed Tofi and his farmer friend Leofric are torn from their Sussex homes by the English warrior Ordgar and summoned to defend the English coast from invasion. But while the army of King Harold waits in the south, fierce Vikings set sail from the fjords of the north.

Gladiators: Back From the Dead *New Good Links 30-July*

Drawing on sensational new archaeological discoveries, this programme recreates the world of the Roman arena through the lives and violent deaths of six British gladiators. Up to a million gladiators are thought to have died in arenas across the Roman Empire. And, apart from ancient Italy itself, Roman Britain had the highest density of purpose-built gladiatorial arenas in Europe. Interest in gladiators has been at an all-time high since Russell Crowe's sword and sandals epic. But the details of the lives and deaths of gladiators remain fragmentary. Now, featuring sensational new archaeological discoveries, Gladiators: Back from the Dead vividly recreates the world of the Roman arena and how six gladiators lived, fought and died.

Secrets of the Great Plague

Since the beginning of recorded history, infectious disease has reigned supreme as the number one killer on the planet. As scientists and leaders around the world brace for the next global health disaster, some experts are looking for help in the most unlikely of places—the past. From London's Great Plague of 1665 to the AIDS crisis of today, Secrets of the Great Plague follows medical detective Stephen O'Brien as he unravels the mysteries surrounding our most deadly epidemics. The horrors of the Great Plague or 'Black Death' could provide lessons that help save lives in the event of an infectious disease disaster.

Mountbatten: Death Of A Royal *New Good Links 30-July*

Louis Mountbatten was not only Prince Phillip's uncle; he was an Admiral of the Fleet, a statesman, Viceroy of the British Indian Empire, Governor-General of the Independent India and a First Sea Lord. But in the summer of 1979, on a sailing holiday in the Republic of Ireland, he became the victim of an IRA assassination. This documentary explores the events surrounding the bomb explosion, which took the life of not just Mountbatten, but his 14-year-old grandson Nicholas Knatchbull, a 15-year-old cabin
boy and 83-year-old Baroness Brabourne. Sinn Fein vice-president Gerry Adams said of the murders: "What the IRA did to him is what Mountbatten had been doing all his life to other people; and with his war record I don’t think he could have objected to dying in what was clearly a war situation." While the IRA saw Mountbatten’s death as a necessary action to bring the Irish
conflict to the forefront of English politics, the human loss devastated the Royal Family with Prince Charles losing his great uncle and mentor. This documentary explores how a wealthy Irish seaside resort became the site of such callous murders and how the events of that day still resonate through the town and the Royal Family three decades on.

1914-1918 *New Good Links 30-July*

Documentary series telling the history of the Great War, in which nine million people perished.

1 - Explosion - Documentary series telling the history of the Great War, in which nine million people perished. Beginning with the origins of the conflict.

2 - Stalemate - Documentary series telling the history of the Great War through the words of those who lived through the conflict. As the war began, experts thought that technical advances in weaponry would bring about a quick victory, but the reality was different as armies resorted to trench warfare on the Western Front.

3 - What if... Total War - With deadlock in the trenches, the great powers searched for other ways to break through.

4 - Slaughter - The battles of Verdun, the Somme and Passchendaele were three of the worst of the war, yet soldiers sought to keep their sanity with music, sport and theatre.

5 - Mutiny - By the start of 1917, the strain of war was so great that half the French army mutinied, while in Russia the whole regime was overthrown.

6 - Collapse - This part looks at the poverty and unrest among the German people, how the Americans finally joined in and how the war ended. Starring: Judi Dench, Louis Gossett Jr., Martin Landau, Paul Mercurio.

7 - Legacy - Judi Dench narrates an exploration of the aftermath of World War One, when four empires lay devastated, while missing limbs, unhealed injuries and personal grief left painful reminders for those who survived.

File Size: 620 Mb
Video Codec Name: XviD ISO MPEG-4
Duration: 49:03
Resolution: 720x544
Video Bitrate: 1549kbps

Adolf and Eva Documentary 2003 *New Good Links 30-July*

The documentary Adolf & Eva attempts to take a look at the relationship between the two infamous historical figures Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun. The film combines home movie footage of the couple with interviews by people who knew them. When Hitler rose to power, he could have had the pick of any number of women...yet he chose a simple girl from Munich to be his mistress. Eva Braun was only seventeen when she first met Hitler and her relationship with him remained a secret until after their death together. This program uses home movie footage and interviews with the people who knew them to help explain the attraction they had for one another and to reveal for the first time the full extent of their intimacy.

Strike When Britain Went to War *New Good Links 30-July*

In 1984, Britain stood on the brink of massive change. The way people made, and spent, money was changing, the era of the yuppy was arriving. It was a vibrant, fluid, controversial time of change. And in the midst of it all was the Thatcher revolution, and the miners' strike. In March 1984, the government announced plans to close 20 coalmines, with the loss of 20,000 jobs. National Union of Mineworkers leader Arthur Scargill led his workers out on strike. This documentary uses extensive archive footage and the recollections of an eclectic mix of the key players from both camps, including politicians, policemen, comedians, pop stars and, of course, miners and their wives, to recount the events of this unique and formative period in modern domestic history: the year Britain went to war.

1421: Year China Discovered America? *New Good Links 30-July*

A startling journey of adventure and exploration that could turn the conventional view of world history on its head. This fascinating documentary examines the mystery surrounding the sailing exploits of the legendary Admiral Zhen He and his 30 year command of a gigantic Ming fleet. The Chinese court burned all records of Admiral Zhen He’s daring voyages and achievements, and unwittingly created a mystery that tantalizes the world 500 years later. The documentary examines the mystery surrounding China’s legendary Zheng He and the spectacular Ming fleet of treasure junks he commanded in the early 15th century.
The special provides a history of the known journeys of Zheng

Samantha: An American Girl Holiday *New Good Links 30-July*

An American Girl Holiday is a 2004 television film, based on the American Girl children's books written by Anna Sandor and Valerie Tripp. The film follows young, wealthy Samantha Parkington's adventures with three poor orphan girls. After many trials, the orphans find a permanent home with Samantha and her family. Shot in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the 86-minute film features lavish period costumes and settings, and was nominated for three awards, winning one. Samantha is the first in the series of An American Girl films. Young Samantha Parkington lives with her grandmother, "Grandmary" Edwards, in a world of wealth and privilege in fictional Mount Bedford on the Hudson River in New York State circa 1904. Nellie, a servant girl about Samantha's age, moves into the house next-door with her father and two younger sisters. Samantha is an unspoiled young girl without class biases or prejudices and takes an instant liking to Nellie, teaching her to read and sharing Nellie's household tasks such as carpet beating,darning,and other small jobs Samantha and Nellie become fast friends.

Three Lives of William Wallace *New Good Links 30-July*

This documentary examines the enduring legacy of William Wallace, the humble hero who fought for Scotland’s independence from England in the late thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries, but was executed in London for treason in 1305, on the orders of King Edward I. Using a combination of archival material, interviews and dramatic reconstructions, the programme outlines how the Knight of Elderslie has been resurrected in monument, given new life in literature, and canonised in celluloid, ultimately becoming a national symbol of patriotism and survival. In 1305, William Wallace died as a national embarrassment to Scotland - not one person protested against his brutal execution. Yet 700 years later he is one of Scotland's foremost heroes. The show places the Wallace legend under the microscope, taking a detailed historical look at the bloody and relentless Wars of Scottish Independence. Wallace’s revolt against the English occupation of Scotland began in 1297. The show explores his possible motives for resisting the English, including the 'taxation question', and the theory that he was seeking revenge for the murder of his wife. Although his forces famously defeated the occupying army at the Battle of Stirling Bridge, Wallace would not live to see a positive conclusion to the struggle for autonomy. His bloody battles were first immortalised in Blind Harry’s epic fifteenth century poem, which sensationalised the existing documents to create a sensational – and factually dubious – piece of writing. The special also explores the roles of Nigel Tranter’s 1975 novel, James Mackay’s exhaustive biography in forging the Wallace myth and Mel Gibson’s 1995 filmic attempt at tackling Wallace’s story enjoyed substantial commercial success.

The Narnia Code *New Good Links 30-July*

Documentary examining claims that CS Lewis's Narnia Chronicles contain a hidden meaning. CS Lewis wrote the Narnia Chronicles over 50 years ago, yet they are more popular today than ever. When they were first published, many critics thought them little more than childish scribblings, replete with random characters and unexplained events. Even Lewis's good friend JRR Tolkien thought them confused and misconceived. Other scholars were sure there was something more, something hidden beneath the stories. Although many tried, none could find this secret key of Narnia - until now. Dr Michael Ward, a young academic and expert in all things Lewisian, claims he has found the answer at last: he has discovered the Narnia Code. Using dramatisations of Lewis's early life and career, the programme travels the world, from the Mid-West of modern America to the battlefields of the First World War, meeting experts, testing evidence and uncovering surprising questions and ideas that still challenge readers today.

Stealing Shakespeare *New Good Links 30-July*

The remarkable story of how a 53-year-old rare book dealer from the North East of England became the centre of a mystery surrounding the disappearance of a long lost Shakespeare First Folio. The film follows bachelor Raymond Scott as he finds himself the focus of a worldwide investigation, involving the FBI, a Cuban fiancee and Durham CID.

Hitler the Rise of Evil *New Good Links 30-July*

Filmed on location in Prague and Vienna, the epic story traces the mind of the burgeoning madman as he begins his ruthless climb to power. From his emergence out of the ashes of WWI through the birth of the Nazi Party, acclaimed actor Robert Carlyle portrays Hitler in a performance that `conveys the tyrant's evil'

Last of the Czars - Discovery Civilization *New Good Links 30-July*

This documentary recounts the decline and fall of the Romanov dynasty. For those of you who are interested in this slice of history, the images alone are worth watching. The interviews, however, are suspect, primarily due to the advanced age of many of the subjects, but some of them, such as Prince Michael, also have a politcal agenda that must be taken into consideration. Bear in mind that Nicholas II was the last czar of Russia for many reasons and on many levels. A stronger, more intelligent czar might well could have enacted reforms preventing the revolution and bringing Russia into the modern world without bloodshed. The heir's hemophilia is overemphasized, as is Rasputin's role. Again, despite it's obviously sympathetic approach to the subject, it's worth watching for the video footage and the images alone.

The Krays by Fred Dinenage

Fred Dineage reflects on the time he spent with the Krays in the 80s, ghostwriting their autobiographies, and meets some of the gangsters' contemporaries, including 'Mad' Frankie Fraser. Legendary TV presenter Fred Dinenage is the official biographer to the most infamous gangsters in British history, the Kray Twins. In this extraordinary documentary Fred, for the first time, reveals the truth about his time with the Twins and their famously brutal lives. Before they died Ronnie and Reggie wanted to tell their story and publish an autobiography. They needed someone to write it and the man they chose to do this was top children’s TV presenter and news anchorman, Fred Dinenage.

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WW1 Top Gun: Revealed

The birth of the fighter plane between 1914 and 1918, tracing how the development of aircraft technology during the pressure cooker of war changed what was an eccentric folly into a deadly weapon. The documentary explores the brave new world of dogfights, aerial reconnaissance and bombing missions, as British pioneers such as Geoffrey de Havilland competed to outdo Anton Fokker, the Dutchman whose planes helped Germany dominate the skies. The story is rounded out with experiments and demonstrations using the Vintage Aviators, film-maker Peter Jackson's fleet of replica First World War aircraft. Last in the series. The story of how a small band of pioneering aircraft designers and engineers invented modern warfare in the four years between 1914 and 1918, turning the aeroplane from an eccentric novelty to the decisive weapon of modern conflict. The programme includes a series of dazzling aerial experiments, as present-day test pilots push the meticulously re-created planes to the limit. On both sides of the war, experimental engineers scrabbled for superiority of the skies, with British pioneers like Geoffrey de Havilland competing to out do Anton Fokker, the Dutchman whose planes helped Germany to dominate the sky. These were men working in the dark with a brand-new technology, battling the scepticism of their superiors while the fate of thousands of men rested on their ability to beat the enemy to the next engineering breakthrough.

Silbury: the Heart of the Hill

Documentary following the final archaeological exploration of the interior of the largest man-made mound in Europe - Silbury Hill, one of our most mysterious prehistoric landmarks. It also tells the story of the people who built Silbury, people whose beliefs drove them to sculpt the landscape of the Avebury area, leaving a legacy of great structures. Major discoveries help us to understand the monument, revealing that it was built when prehistoric Britain was on the brink of great change.
645 MiB | 59mn | 1 527 Kbps | XVID | 560 x 320  | 25.000 fps

Killer Wave of 1607

In a BBC Timewatch programme, two experts have argued a tsunami could have caused the devastation. Eyewitness accounts of the disaster, published in six different pamphlets of the time, told of "huge and mighty hills of water" advancing at a speed "faster than a greyhound can run" and only receding 10 days later. Professor Simon Haslett, from Bath Spa University College, said: "There is an overall theme running through the pamphlets of a destructive event, very violent, disastrous, on a scale that is unprecedented." Australian geologist Ted Bryant, from the University of Wollongong, agreed: "The waves are described as mountainous - that's a description of a tsunami." During the programme, Mr Haslett and Mr Bryant revealed evidence from all around the Severn Estuary backing up their theory.

The Real Edward VII

2001 Channel 4. Documentary profiling King Edward VII, looking at his life, character, relations with his family, especially with his mother Queen Victoria, and at his abilities as a statesman and his reign as King.
515 MiB | 1h 14mn | bit rate   : 966 Kbps | 512 x 384 | 25.000 fps

The Queen's Wedding

The Royal Wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten in November 1947 was a day of national celebration. But the young couple's path to the altar had been strewn with controversy and difficulties. Behind the smiling faces and the colourful regalia lay a story of political machination, public hostility and court intrigue. This documentary focuses on the young Princess Elizabeth, her handsome sailor suitor Philip, and his uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten, the matchmaker who wouldn't rest until the union was secure. The film captures the story of the princess's young life from the moment when her love life became a matter of dynastic and political importance. It shows how Philip's suitability was called into question: his 'fortune-hunting', his 'Teutonic strain' and how he was believed to have 'played the field'. The stakes could not have been much higher: the popularity and therefore the future of the monarchy itself.

The Queen Mother: A Woman of her Century

Starts with an old fashioned British Pathe' title card and plays just like an old extended newsreel. No controvers, no real questioning of QM's motives or choices, but an interesting first in depth look for someone who does not know anything about the actual QM. Labelled by Hitler as “the most dangerous woman in Europe” but known more affectionately as the “Little Duchess”, the Queen Mother reinvigorated the Royal Family. This is the story of how the “nation’s favourite grandmother” carved a place in her nation’s hearts forever.

The Queen's Hidden Cousins

The sad but true story of Nerissa and Katherine Bowes-Lyon, the Queen's cousins who were born with learning disabilities and spent most of their lives all but forgotten in an institution. Two of four daughters of John Bowes-Lyon (the Queen Mother's older brother), Nerissa and Katherine Bowes-Lyon were born in 1919 and 1926; Katherine is only three months younger than her cousin Elizabeth, the girl who would one day be crowned Queen. From the ages of 15 and 22, respectively, they were sent to live at the Royal Earlswood Hospital, an institution for the learning disabled in Surrey, which was built in 1855 as an 'Asylum for Idiots'. While their two other sisters enjoyed lives of privilege and inclusion in the social world of the aristocracy and the royal family, Katherine and Nerissa were all but forgotten.

The Pendle Witch Child

Simon Armitage presents the extraordinary story of the most disturbing witch trial in British history and the key role played in it by one nine-year-old girl. Jennet Device, a beggar-girl from Pendle in Lancashire, was the star witness in the trial in 1612 of her own mother, her brother, her sister and many of her neighbours and, thanks to her chilling testimony, they were all hanged. Armitage explores the lethal power and influence of one child's words - a story of fear, magic and demonic pacts retold partly with vivid and innovative hand-drawn animation. He discovers how Jennet's appearance in the witness box cast its shadow way beyond Lancashire, impressing lawyers, politicians, clerics and even King James I himself, and setting a dark precedent for child testimony in witch trials as far away as America.

The Last Days of Osama Bin Laden

After the United States successfully mounted a covert mission to eliminate America’s number one terrorist target, celebration turned to mounting questions. How did the terrorist mastermind elude capture for nearly a decade, only to be discovered hiding in plain sight just yards away from Pakistan’s most prestigious military academy? Peter Bergen, the famed journalist and author on Islamist terrorism who also produced bin Laden’s first television interview, obtains rare access to interview former CIA agents, Navy SEAL operatives and a Black Hawk pilot who reveal how the U.S. gathered the intelligence needed to pull off the surprise attack. He’ll talk to White House and Pakistani intelligence officials as well as neighbors of the Pakistani compound and eyewitnesses to the raid.

The Man who Discovered Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was vandalised by tomb raiders and treasure hunters until one Victorian adventurer took them on. Most of us have never heard of Flinders Petrie, but this maverick genius underook a scientific survey of the pyramids, discovered the oldest portraits in the world, unearthed Egypt's prehistoric roots - and in the process invented modern field archaeology, giving meaning to a whole civilisation.

The Queen Mother in Love

Channel 4's High Society season of documentaries begins with The Queen Mother in Love, which tells how this iconic royal figure of the 20th Century was first swept up into the company of the dashing but damaged sons of King George V. The woman who came to be one of the most popular royals of all time, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was a dazzling debutante, with her pick of eligible young men. She almost didn\'t marry the future George VI at all, turning him down at least twice. The film reveals that at the same time she was romantically linked to a bigger prize: his elder brother, the Prince of Wales, the future Edward VIII. Once married though, she took to the life a minor royal with relish, creating the perfect image of the happy royal family. Elizabeth and her husband were thrown onto centre stage with Edward VIII's infatuation with the twice-divorced American Wallis Simpson and his abdication.

The Great Falklands Gamble: Revealed

On April 2nd 1982 Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands, in the South Atlantic, 8,000 miles from the UK. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher decided to send a naval taskforce to liberate the islands. In this programme, senior officers who served in the campaign, among them Major-General Julian Thompson, reveal how appalling weather, overstretched British air defences, poor communications and even incompetence sometimes stacked the odds heavily against the British. Veterans of some of the bloodiest battles talk us through the fighting. Their personal accounts reveal how professionalism and sheer courage overcame these problems.

The Girl Who Would be Queen

The Girl Who Would be Queen is about Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and there are rare as well as unseen footage of the queen when she was a princess.  Furthermore, there are stories told from the queen’s closets friends and family including her cousin, Margaret Rhodes, and much more.

Prince Eddy: The King We Never Had

This revealing film uses newly discovered letters written by Prince Eddy himself to explore whether his early death saved Britain from a monster, or cheated the nation of a good king. For the first time, Eddy's own words serve in his defence in a fresh investigation of the remarkable kind Britain never had

Tutankhamun - Secrets Of The Boy King: Revealed

Lord Carnarvon, the greatgrandson of one of the men who discovered the tomb, travels across Egypt on a quest to reexamine the life of the Boy King. With the help of archaeological discoveries, computer graphics and new historical research, he presents a portrait of Tutankhamun that challenges pre-conceived wisdom about the famous but enigmatic pharaoh. On the eve of the Tutankhamun exhibition at the 02 Arena in London – which will bring priceless artefacts to the UK for the first time in 30 years – this timely documentary provides a comprehensive review of the pharaoh’s life.